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Data protection

We as a small comany do our best to protect customer data but like all busnesss or domestic users we can’t guarantee infringement.
We have detailed passwords on all our accounts and email correspondence and change these biannually. If we require payments we will email you the company bank details first followed by a text informing you of such. We advise you make a small nominal payment first and contact ourselves by text to see if your money has been received into our account first before making any more payments.

All responses are completely confidential and your individual responses will not be shared or identifiable outside of The Landscape company platform where the history of projects completed are advertised for promotion purposes only. Addresses and names are given but no phone number or e-mails addresses are disclosed. If a new potential customer would like to contact you we will ring prior to ask your permission for them to do so.  We do make every effort to protect customer data by using ( like most other small companies ) a strong password entrance. However such are the technicalities and sophistication of scammers we cannot guarantee inpregnability.